Cleaning out the closet


I'm a bit of a clothes horse. Not in the sense of designer clothes or anything like that, or even department store clothes or boutique clothes. No, mainly in the sense of secondhand clothes. Regardless, though, my closet has been full-to-the-brim for at least the last ten years, no matter how much closet space I have.

Due to my rather constant rate of clothes acquisition, as well as my equally constant change in tastes, I do regular closet purges--I'd say I do one every three months or so. This keeps things under control. I also store out-of-season clothes in Rubbermaid tubs under the bed. Still, I rarely have extra hangers or rod space.

Well, I now have all the closet space I could need. Why? Because last night I did a purge not just for what is out of season or no longer in favor, but I also removed everything that doesn't fit. I've done this before, but never with as much stamina.

And now there are very few clothes left in my closet.

Actually, there are lots of shirts, there are just hardly an bottoms. There is one pair of jeans, there are two pairs of cropped pants and two pairs of regular pants. There are about half a dozen skirts. That's it. Not unworkable, but a small fraction of what I am used to having. Pretty much everything that was fitted and/or didn't have a drawstring waist has been removed.

The last time this happened, it was to a far lesser degree, and my response to the situation was to run out and spend several hundred dollars on clothes that were a size bigger. Actually, make that the last two times this happened. I really don't think I can justify doing that again. I also don't think I want to do it again. Going up one size every two months just isn't a tenable long-term plan.

So. It's back to the dieting. I could try to call it something else, but dieting is what it is. And it's dieting with a size goal in mind. I don't give a shit how many inches I lose or have any pound goals--I just want to be able to get the clothes out of the underbed boxes.


Interesting title. :)

The one i'm on at the moment involves not snacking between meals, going back to being a vegan-yoghurt-weaving hippy in terms of food and reading or knitting instead of watching tv (ie, activites that don't leave my hands free to eat) I'll reserve judgement for a while on whether it works! In the meantime, i hear you on the clothes thing - i'm really crap at getting rid of stuff and at not buying it to start with. I am not correspondingly good at sorting out storage...

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