Year End Edition

Resolution 2013 Check-In: Year End Edition

So my blogging is obviously…off course. I’m not going to say anything about that right now. Same excuses as always. But I’ve started thinking about my goals for 2014, and thought I should wrap up 2013 before I move on. Here’s where I am with only a bit more than two weeks left in the year:

1. Read 40 books.
Met and exceeded! As of today, I have read 53 books and have 3 in progress that should all be finished by year end. Those 56 books were:
-31 fiction/25 non-fiction
-28 audiobooks/8 ebooks/20 paper books
-9 books about the Tudors
-12 biographies/autobiographies/memoirs
-4 books of short stories
-6 dystopian novels

The best things I read this year were:
-Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy
-Alexis M. Smith’s short novel, Glaciers
-Jess Walters’ novel Beautiful Ruins and short story book We Live in Water
-Rodney Crowell’s memoir, Chinaberry Sidewalks

2. Send birthday cards to my friends/family.
I failed more often than I succeed on this one. It’s going back on the list for 2014.

3. Use the 52 Week Savings Plan.
I switched mid-year to a more rigorous savings plan, but my savings goals were met. Which tells me that they need to be more vigorous next year.

4. Prioritize visits with friends (at least 4).
I did pretty well with this–made two visits to my BFF in Pittsburgh, had friends to our house a couple of times, most recently at Thanksgiving. This goal is probably also going to be repeated next year.

5. Complete the Couch to 5K, then reassess.
Done! I finished the Couch to 5K a couple of weeks ago, and am repeating the last two weeks of it right now. My tentative plan after the new year is to run a regular 5K schedule for a bit, then decide whether I want to try to get to 10K capability or not.

6. Blog at least three times a week.
Massive failure. It’s just not a priority right now.

7. Do something to improve my space every month.
I don’t know if this has happened every month, but it has happened most months.

8. Volunteer.
Sad lack of progress here.

9. Institute a gratitude practice.
No formal practice, but I feel pretty generally grateful and am OK checking this one off.

10. Re-engage in social media.
Again, just not a priority. And I mostly am OK with that at this point.

11. Get a new job.
Still going great! I’m definitely looking to put some goals around professional development for 2014, too.

12. Play with the baby.
Every day. 🙂

I’m very happy, overall, with my success in meeting my goals in 2013. I’d call 7/12 completely met, which is great! Hopefully I’ll do as well in 2014!